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Revised fees from April 2020

Please note that several of Dr Kapff’s fees have been revised from January 2020.  These apply to consultations, medicals, and visits, and also affect some blood tests and immunisations. Click here for an overview of fees

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Flu viruses can be spread before symptoms show – get vaccinated now!

According to research done at Imperial College London, the flu virus can be passed on before you even start having symptoms making it increasingly important for people to get vaccinated.  It is especially important for elderly patients and those suffering … Continue reading

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Record numbers living in the UK with HIV

A study from 2010 showed that over a quarter of those infected with HIV were unaware that they had it.  The findings concluded that a wider availability of testing was required to reduce both heterosexual and gay transmissions. In fact, … Continue reading

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Kapff Medical is on Facebook & Foursquare

For many of our patients, it is far easier to receive updates about Kapff Medical through websites such as Facebook, which are visited more regularly than our site.  Therefore, we have added ourselves as a Facebook Page, which will include … Continue reading

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Pre-school and childhood immunisations

We have recently had several requests for immunisation updates for children.  These usually come at the behest of parents when a new addition to the family arrives, the family is due to travel or youngsters are about to start a … Continue reading

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The Eight Most Common Travel Related Illnesses

TRAVELLERS’ DIARRHOEA Travellers’ diarrhoea is the most common illness affecting travellers It occurs in up to 60% of travellers HEPATITIS A Hepatitis A is one of the most common travel-related vaccine preventable diseases and is endemic in many developing countries … Continue reading

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There is no such thing as risk-free travel

8 weeks to go – a project by NHS Fit For Travel and the Royal College of Nursing, aims to prepare Brits for the potential health dangers of travelling abroad.  It states, You can reduce your risk of infectious diseases … Continue reading

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Don’t forget your vaccinations!

As holiday season approaches, Kapff Medical would like to remind you that we offer travel vaccinations for all the family, whether you are going on safari in Africa or trekking in the Andes. Last year Britons went on over 60 … Continue reading

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Prescriptions – some changes

This is just a brief note to wish you a Happy New Year and to let you know about some changes that will be introduced from February 1st 2011 regarding prescriptions.  Over the past year there has been a significant … Continue reading

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Flu Vaccinations Are Available Now

Flu vaccinations are available now. Please ring our office to book an appointment on: 0207  235 8298.

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