Covid19 Corona Virus


We are in the middle of the Covid19 pandemic.

This has of course had a profound effect on all our lives. I realised that I had to stop normal surgeries and work from home from the 25th March 2020. I will be available for telephone consultations and all advice, including repeat prescriptions with medication review by telephone consultation, when appropriate during normal working hours ( 9.00-18.00) every weekday until further notice. My Practice Manager Audrey Crow and Secretary Sue Goddard are also working from home and calls to the surgery will be redirected to them.

In order to keep things going for you all I will have to charge for prescriptions and telephone consultations. I do hope that you appreciate why this has become necessary and I ask for your understanding in these exceptional times.

COVID19 Testing

We have a very very limited supply of antibody tests and thus will be highly selective in those whom we agree to test. We cannot test families but we hopefully can test those whom have almost certainly  had the virus and need to check their immunity so that they can return to key roles. We will let you know if more test kits come through.


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