Full Medical Check-Ups
Annual Medical comprising of:
– 1 hour examination  (£300)
– Blood screen and Thyroid check (£115)
– ECG (£60)

Other tests may be added where necessary (e.g. STD screening, Prostate/PSA check)

Standard and new patient consultation (up to 30mins) £200
Short consultation (adult or child) £150/£175
Telephone consultation (variable) £75-£100
Urgent prescription (telephone/faxed same day) £50
Weekday home visit (surgery hours) £300
Evening out-of-hours visit £300-£350
Cancellation fee (less than 2 hours’ notice) or non-attendance 50% of full fee

Additional Fees
Blood screen (blood count, kidney, liver, sugar, cholesterol etc) £70
Blood screen and Thyroid £115
Urine Culture £52
Prostate Cancer Screen £75
HIV Test £50
ECG £60

Adult Immunisations
Flu Vaccination (consultation + cost of medicines) £40
Tetanus Polio and Diphtheria £50
Hepatitis A £60
Typhoid £35
Yellow Fever £80

Child Immunisations
MMR (Measle, mumps and rubella) £35
Pediacel (Diptheria, Tetanus, Polio, Hib and Pertussis) £110
Prevenar (Pneumococcal) £75
Varilrix (Chicken Pox) £60
Hepatitis B (paed) £50
Meningitis C £65
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