Dr Kapff offers a one-hour “MOT” style annual medical that consists of a full physical assessment along with a number of biochemical, blood and special examinations to suit your needs.

Before your medical:

  • Please ring Dr Kapff’s office on 0207 349 1499 to book an appointment
  • It is best to book a 9am appointment as you will usually be asked to fast for 8 hours prior (drinking water and/or sugarless black tea or coffee only)
  • If this is your first appointment with Dr Kapff, please arrive 5 minutes early to complete a registration form.  In addition, please bring any recent test results and letters from consultants that you may have
  • If you are unable to make your appointment, please ring the office with at least 24hrs notice otherwise a cancellation fee may be charged

During your medical:
Dr Kapff will review your past medical history, family history and ask for an account of your general health.  He will then perform a full physical examination along with a variety of blood and urine tests and an ECG.  If necessary, Dr Kapff will also discuss any referrals to surgeons, physicians, or therapists that are to be made.

After your medical:
A few days after your examination, you will receive a bound file containing a full medical report including results for any tests that may have taken place.  We will have written referral letters to any relevant specialists, who you will be free to contact at your convenience.

Occupational Health Medicals:
Dr Kapff offers a range of Occupational Health medicals.  He is an HSE appointed doctor (HSE 060254) and is happy to undertake medicals at the surgery or if a number of medicals is required, to visit sites by arrangement.

Medicals offered include Licensed and non-Licensed asbestos; HAVS and Lead medicals along with Occupational Health consultations.

Please ring Dr Kapff’s office on 0207 349 1499 to book an appointment or to discuss the range and charges for medicals.