There is no such thing as risk-free travel

8 weeks to go – a project by NHS Fit For Travel and the Royal College of Nursing, aims to prepare Brits for the potential health dangers of travelling abroad.  It states,

You can reduce your risk of infectious diseases by seeking personal, up to date, expert advice from your GP surgery or travel health clinic 6-8 weeks before every overseas trip.

We have heard recently that even short trips within Europe can carry health risks, so you can never be too safe.

Factors to consider include:

  • Distance to destination – even those travelling within Europe can be at risk of Typhoid, Hepatitis A, or Diptheria
  • Duration of stay – whether it is a few months or a few days, the risk of infection is just as great
  • Accomodation – infection diseases can be easily caught from sipping a cocktail in a bar or slipping at the side of a pool in a luxury hotel.
  • Visiting family and friends – this can often provide a false sense of security, but remember that just because you used to live in the country that you are visiting, it does not mean that you are immune to all diseases there.
  • Seeking medical advice while abroad – the medical system works differently in every country, so it is worth obtaining travel insurance before you leave.
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